Last message of Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty to HIS spiritual followers


“Ya Moinuddin Ya Moinulhaq!”

Khwaja Moinuddin devoted his life and after life in the service of Allah; in spreading love, peace and the message of Islam that is Love towards all, Malice towards none.

Allah Ta’ala does not discriminate and give sustenance, love, and blessings to those who do not believe in him as well as to those who do.

Khwaja Sahib, believed in this philosophy and devoted his life to all who needed HIM or came to HIM. HE never seized giving.

Whenever he saw someone in pain, he felt there pain a million time and served them without any consciousness of self.

His message is called “Prayer of Light or Roshni”

  • Love every human.
  • Do not hate anyone.
  • Establish peace, its no use talking or debating on peace.
  • Do not just talk about Islam and Allah Ta’ala, take out your inner courage, goodness and use it for the benefit of others.
  • Become a vessel of peace and happiness and wherever you go or live, disperse peace, happiness, love and brotherhood like rain.
  • Become a true idol of truth, spring of love, and tower of peace.
  • Light of Education is such that it destroy darkness of ignorance, separates the clouds of differences and wars; it creates an environment of love, brotherhood and peace.
  • Never expect help and support from anyone else expect Allah Ta’ala. Do not become dependent on the benefit of the states.
  • Never hesitate to help poor, needy, widows, and orphans and always share their burdens, and pains.
  • Remember, no-one should return from your steps.
  • Promoting love and brotherhood among weak and backward people should be the aim of your life.
  • Do this with courage and as your duty if you are a true Chishty.
  • Because If you failed to do any of these duties, then I as your spiritual guide and teacher will have to face shame in front of All pious souls in the Durbar of Allah Ta’ala.

“Ilahi tabud Khurshido Mahi, Chirag – E-Chishtia Rahe Roshnai”

“Ya Illahi till the day sun and moon disperse their lights,
Let the Chishtia Lamp remain Kindle and enlighten this world.”

Syeda Chishty Heena Kausar (Ajmer, London)


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