the cuckoo that sings in Ajmer


When I was in Ajmer last time, there is this cuckoo bird that sings after fajr namaz every morning. When I listened to her, I felt that my soul was clenched in my fist, and I did not want to look away from the white dome of khwaja sahib (R.A.). When I was there in his Dargah, I could not move one foot. I stood in the pardah khana and looked and looked into the dome with tears in my eyes and mirror in my soul. Flashes of my life were moving before my eyes, scene by scene, as if my soul was introducing me to Gharib Nawaz (r.a.). And my heart wanted to sing with her (cuckoo), sing in love, joy and inner satisfaction. It was the moment I crave every day of my life. I painfully try to think how it was everytime I remember Ajmer. I want people to share with me such moments so that we can all share with each other how we left our souls and heart to gharib nawaz (R.A.) in ajmer.

Syeda Chishty Heen Kausar


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