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Gharib Nawaz (R.A.)
As salaam-o-was-salaam-o-alaikum ya Rasoolullah Sallallaho Alaihi was-salaam
WA ala habibeka WA as habibeka ya noor Allah sallalaho alaihi was salaam.
In this century, when we are so surrounded by Nafs and the culture of Nafs, where sins are tolerated and considered a symbol of status, we have forgotten what is Iman? We say the words but we do not mean them. When we are faced with our consequences, or our Iman is tested, we search for a shade to save us from ourselves and our problems. Those shades are Aulia Allah’s. O you who do not believe in Aulia’s, we feel sad for your loss and we thank Allah, even if we are Kufr or of different faith, our hearts have tasted of that peace of which you will never know.
Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A.) is the giver of love. When a mother loves her child when he/she is ill is a drop in the ocean. Those of who believe ourselves to be Chishty, or Muslim are the ones who give, even a medicine a day to our parents. He gave from his own to poor and needy, whether its wisdom, its love, its riches, its Iman and its Karam. He gives manifolds, because he is the Ameen (Keeper) of the wealth of Allah Ta’ala.
Love towards all malice towards none. For a human, it is very difficult to forgive others. Forgiveness is a balm. Once we forgive even if it a stone that hurt us and do not curse it back, and say it is just a stone, we should have seen it. Half of our pain is soothed because our heart is soothed. If we curse it, our pain increases. What about those hearts that do not have a drop of malice in them. The pure ones! It hurts them when someone is hurt.
Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty is the Aulia of heart. The word Moinuddin means spring or fountain of deen. According to Dalilul Arafeen written by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Rasool Allah (S.A.W) bestowed “him (R.A.)” with viladat, and asked him (R.A.) to go to hind. Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) replied, “He did not know where it is?” S.A.W showed him the map. Moinuddin (R.A.) believed in Allah Ta’ala and came to Ajmer. He talked with them in his language but they understood in their own. It was a miracle of Allah.
Moinuddin imparted his spring of Iman to many, one learned patience and drank of it so much that they was called Sabri (R.A.), one drank of it so much that they lived on poverty and was called khaki (R.A.). Such is the state of this spring that they every corner of this Asian subcontinent is filled with spirituality. Wherever we turn, we find Allah in their shade.