Islam: a religion that propagates peace


Islam, a religion of spirits is born in the womb of Mount Hera. It came from the depth of darkness, first as a lamp giving spiritual warmth to the moths that were wandering in darkness then as a radiant light, more powerful than million suns put together. From a man who knew not how to read. What kind of a man was he? A soul created, moulded in the will of Allah, containing the patience of oceans and tranquillity of the universe. His led a life of obedience, patience, kindness and devotion in Mecca and Medina, but he inspired millions to live that life around the world from 611 AD till know. The essence of Islam as he revealed to  us  is not learning, debating on religion, hypothesis or theories to be proved right or wrong but it is Beauty of Morality (Husn-e-Akhlaq) or in contemporary terms human ethics.
To a non-believer, today Islam appears to be a rigid, unforgiving, inhumane religion.  Oppose to it the Islam that our prophet (S.A.W) is not this religion that is perceived by many. To find Islam in our society today look towards a Muslim who make decisions according to its morality and remembers humanity and his/hers actions before taking them.

Mawlana Hazrat Rumi (R.A.) is one his poetry describes that essence of Islam with the help of Adan (Calling).

Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again, come, come.”

A real Muslim lives with ethics and morality.  A Muslim is merciful, do not hurt anyone. Their Islam resides in their hearts. We are all the searchers of that balm, that shadow, that salvation that get to our souls in this world full of hatred and blood. One should find that balm, if one’s to find some true peace and happiness in this world.

The prophet (S.A.W) all Muslims respect did not conquer the world with just words but deeds, love and righteousness. To enlighten the world we need to enlighten ourselves rather than becoming famous scholars and debating about Islam.

How can someone claim to understand the religion by book when they do not understand the essence of it? To understand the essence of Islam, reflection is the first step. Seeing within comes first everything else follows automatically. The day when one could not stand before oneself is the day they have Islam and Allah. But he still forgives and this forgiveness is our hope. Religious philosophy is the philosophy of hope, and Islam is full of it.
Divisions (Firkas) are thought patterns not Islam. Islam should start and end with one’s conscience. Miracles are shown by every prophet. Our Prophet (S.A.W) was a simple man, his greatest miracle was The Quran and his life to show an example to the world of “what is Islam”?

It is said that “practice leads to perfection”. Practicing just one kind deed that pleases Allah a day is Islam or more, as Allah extends one’s heart and grow it until one reaches the stage of being a Momin (true follower).  To be a Muslim, in its spirit is to be the steadfast one.  A Muslims should aspire to be humble like the earth.

Being a Muslim in present world, should make a human humble, steadfast, spiritual and fighting for right things with this humility. Violence is not the solution of every injustice, but helping those who have suffered same injustices to live a positive life and fight for their right with words, laws and righteousness.

With this Blog, we want people to think about how they could help people in need without violence.


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